On behalf of our agency, Mrs. Radka Malik managed the qualitative part of the research on "Neighborhood envy" for Hypotéční banka a.s. The results of the research were widely reported in the Lidové noviny newspaper web page www.lidovky.cz.

 More than half of the Czech population is sometimes envies other people, of which 38 percent rarely, 13 percent sometimes and 2 percent very often. According to the survey for Hypotéční banka, which Confess Research and Stem/Mark conducted in February with nearly one thousand respondents, people mostly envy others because of money.
A typical Czech envious person is a man aged 18-29, with secondary education and living in the regional capital of Moravia. He envies other people mainly because of money, wealth and success, but also happiness.
Men are proud of a son
The research also looked into what the Czechs are most proud of. Women most frequently mentioned their own house or apartment, self-sufficiency and the ability to organize their home in a way to make all family members feel good and welcome.
Men especially appreciated an achieved level of education, employment or business success. They also mentioned the fact that they managed to father a child - and that their first child was a son - and also manual skills, the ability to build their own house, or at least to reconstruct an apartment.
Every third respondent sometimes wishes that those who are better off would lose their property and status. Those who have already experienced envy, try not to irritate their surroundings too much.
Two thirds of Czechs at least sometimes feel that some people around them do not deserve what they have. One forth of respondents experienced envy within their own family. "More than one half of Czechs consider envy to be a typical feature of the Czech population and they claim that we are more envious than the residents of other Europeancountries, " said Mr. Jiří Oche, Director of Marketing in Hypotéční banka a.s..
The citizens of Prague envy success
According to the research, everyone is envious of money. Success is the reason for envy mainly for women, college-educated people and the citizens of Prague. Housing and household equipment is envied in the regional capitals. Middle-aged men are envious of cars, pensioners and residents of small towns are envious of good family relations, young people under 30 years of age are envious of work, the citizens of Prague and people with university degrees are envious of professional career, and subordinates envy their managers.
More women than men are envious of beauty, pensioner envy the healthy, young people under 30 years of age are envious of skills (sports, crafts, art). Everyone without distinction is envious of love and happiness, in case he/she lacks it.
Psychologist Marta Boučková does not think that the Czechs represent an extreme when it comes to envy. She considers envy a natural human trait, which in a sense can be beneficial. "When we envy someone else because of something, it drives us further, we are forces to further develop and strive, because we also want to achieve something," says Boučková.


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