Over the past 6 years, 220 ads have been subjected to CONFESS Neurotest, and their analysis has helped us understand how the brain works during ad watching. Here are some tips on how you can modify your ad to sell more.


          1.Let your brand dominate in the packshot  

The final scene of advertising is key for sales. Either you can attract attention to your brand and the benefit, or you  have just "thrown away" a few million. So how can you do it so that it really sells?



                       Bounty - a good example of packshot.  



               Innogy - branding very well emphasized, but then overriden
                        by the distinctive face of the bride.

          2.Work in the spot the viewer is looking at

When you want to attract the maximum visual attention to an element on the screen, you can also work with the location the viewers looked at before the scene cut and place the element in the same location in the new scene. So, if you know that the viewer, for example, is watching the person's face on the left side of the screen, place your key element in the next scene to the same location on the left. That guarantees that it will be the first place the viewer would look at.                                                         Zonky - Visual attention moves smoothly from the face of the hero to the dominant elemnet of the mobile application 

The only thing that still needs to be done now is to reconcile visual attention with the voiceover - especially with the presentation of benefits. It is not just about talking about what viewers are seeing on the screen. The fine-tuning is perfect only when you synchronize your voiceover with the locations the viewers really watching on the screen at the given moment. If you list several benefits on the screen, it is good to mention them in the voiceover in the same order and with the same speed that your viewer watches them. This is key to their memorability. 


          3.It does not pay to use branding during the whole ad

We have applied the neurotest to many ads with branding from the start to the very end. And the result remains the same. Nobody pays attention to a logo in the corner of the screen. So, showing a logo throughout the whole ad does not work. 

These were just a few tips from us. If you want to know more, please follow our series or contact the CONFESS Research. Neuromarketing Manager Erika Flegrová at: +420 731 179 379 or by email: flegrova@confess.cz 



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