Market research

Every marketing expert knows that taking a look at a product or service through the eyes of their consumer and gaining insight into the consumer's way of thinking is a valuable experience. This reveals why the sales of a new product are sagging, why people are influenced by competing products, or why only a minority of the population remembers the name of our brand even after a 6-month TV campaign. / display all

Consultations in Brand Management

Through years of experience managing various brands we recognize the importance of an independent, objective view. This is why we are here. We can advise you on the numerous marketing problems starting from overall brand analysis through establishing the strategy to setting the course of your next advertising campaign. / display all

Professional training courses

Do you know how to identify which advertising projects are generating profit for you and which are only making an impression but not changing behaviour? Are your employees aware of the available testing methods and the right time to use them? Do you know how to define your idea into a concept that will be understood by respondents or an advertising agency? You do not? We do! / display all


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